Machinica develops Workflow Management solutions that, at their core, have the ability and intention to understand, automate, and refine.

The overgrowing complexities of workflow in business organizations have resulted in complicating the otherwise simple processes. Machinica helps your business establish a streamlined workflow management system in three easy steps.

  1. We help business managers in documenting complex business activities (i.e., workflows).
  2. We apply technology to automate workflow steps where they can be and where it makes sense.
  3. We help stakeholders extract useful data from these workflows so that better decisions can be made in the future.

WIP Management

The basis of error-free and maximum efficiency in an organization is its ability to streamline data. In the absence of workflow solutions, your business faces the challenge of the absence of transparency, multiple systems for data management leading to complexity and dependency on fragile systems.

Machinica provide solutions to your businesse by developing tailor-made cloud-based workflow systems that address your unique business requirements. Our WIP Management System benefits you with:

  1. Customized Workflow Solutions that perfectly fits your business needs
  2. Reduced dependency on limited individuals with its multi-user interface
  3. Cuts management costs with an effective and streamlined solution
  4. Can be accessed from any location and at any time
  5. Prevents data loss with a highly secure system that backs up automatically