We employ digital evolution to enhance customer and employee interaction resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention.

The newest of the IT Capabilities in which Machinica leads the custom software field is Point of Contact Computing (PCC). PCC has been a specialized form of customer and employee interaction for many years. However, it has only recently become available to smaller businesses. Before we describe its uses for business, let us first define it.

Point of Contact Computing is when a special-purpose computing device is provided to customers or employees at the physical location where the user needs it. Before the proliferation of personal smartphones, this field of computing began to expand through the use of kiosks. Many travelers have used purpose-built kiosks at airports to check-in for flights, print boarding passes, or initiate the process of checking-in baggage.

Digital Signage

Machina is driven to provide a smart digital signage experience to your business with its data driven solutions that links data sources with dynamic content. We assist you in the designing, distribution and showcasing visual content with our effective tools, data integration strategies and necessary resources.

Our Digital Signage solutions are the perfect fit for your business as we help you with:

  • Smart digital signage solutions with integrated data sources including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, room reservation systems, and social media
  • Promote innovation with added interactivity, real-time web content and analytics to your digital signage solutions
  • Transforming digital signage dynamics with addition of If-This-Then-That rule and proposition of real-time updates assisted by the integration of multiple data sources
  • Improve relations with any target group by designing, scheduling, distributing, interacting and managing of messages throughout your digital signage platforms

We, at Machinica, identify your business requirements and assist you in selecting the right solutions and technology to best suit your needs.

Customer Kiosk

Machinica designs interactive customer kiosks with a variety of functionalities aimed at delivering information and services. Our new-age kiosks come complete with sensors, cameras, microphones, and accelerators that enable your business to monitor the operations of kiosks along with streamlining self-checkout, collection of environmental data and provide easy accessibility to customers. Machinica’s customer kiosks helps your business in these ways:

  • Save resources like staff time and administration man-power
  • Easily adapt to the dynamic needs of your business
  • Increase business connectivity by leveraging the easy accessibility of kiosks placed in remote locations with an internet connection
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing them with self-service kiosks for quicker and more convenient interactions

Employee Kiosk

Engagement of employees is a crucial part of any business since an engaged workforce stays with the business for a longer period and also exhibits enhanced productivity. Machinica provides businesses with employee kiosk services that not only assists in increasing employee engagement but also helps in streamlining communications. Here are a few ways in which Machinica helps in engaging your employees:

  • Providing your team with a platform to give quantitative and qualitative feedback anonymously that can be used by the leader to identify and address any prevailing concerns.
  • Share KPIs and key metrics on digital dashboards and regularly update employees when you hit milestones.
  • Introduce your entire team to any new arrival in the firm.
  • Celebrate employee anniversaries.
  • Highlight your unique business spirit and culture for your employees to know.
  • Add Kiosks to already used common spaces like the break room or lunch room to ease the process of engagement and make it hassle-free.

KPI Dashboard Casting

A study conducted by Bain & Company indicated that unproductive meetings resulted in $60 million dollar loss. To evade this loss, your business requires a KPI dashboard. Our KPI dashboards make it easy for an executive to analyse their business performance wielding the vital performance indicators displayed on the dashboard.

Machinica assists you in streamlining your business flow and enhancing its growth by providing custom built cloud-based dashboards that are built to meet all your requirements.