Technology that is Progressive Scalable Right

Choosing the right technology is a very important business decision.

What Are Our Specialties?

Every custom software project requires platform choices. In the most basic sense, Platforms are the technology building blocks used to construct more sophisticated business applications. On their own, platforms do little but provide ubiquitous and reusable abilities within a specific area. By being ubiquitous and reusable, platforms meet the definition of a tool. Platforms like other tools are not useful without a trained and skilled expert operator.

To maximize the training and skills of developers, we specialize in a limited number of technology platforms. Many years of research and observation have confirmed that focusing our expertise on one platform reduces development time (and cost) more than any other operational decision. By being focused on a limited number of platforms, we maintain our ability to deliver any new software project, and we keep our expert status among developers within that platform community.

Machinica supports expert developers around the world with the platforms that clients require.


The simplicity of this framework and our vast experience developing web applications in it makes it the right choice for Internal and external Web Applications.

ASP.Net Zero

We believe in saving time. This framework provides a boilerplate to speed the development of external customer and member portals.


Hybrid applications can do as much as a native but in a lot less time. A single application can be deployed to both Apple and Andriod platforms.

Electron (Cross-platform desktop applications)

Electron helps us develop cross-platform desktop applications by using existing web technologies. Increased development speed makes it less expensive than other frameworks.


In this age of artificial intelligence, we choose ML.NET for machine learning applications as it fits very well with our other technologies.


This industry standard protocol is our favorite for authorization and authentication security because of its adaptability and scalability.


NRules is a leading Business Rules Engine (BRE) that allows us to isolate the complex business rules found in many software projects into their own organized, maintainable, and testable structure.

Workflow Core

Workflow Core, and the related server Conductor, are the recommended process automation platforms. Like many things in business, your business process steps must stay flexible while still simple to manage.